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Atlanta rapper Destroy Lonely typically delivers erratic, speedy rhymes over atmospheric trap beats. He's released numerous mixtapes and EPs since the late 2010s, and his 2019 single "Bane" became a viral hit two years after it first appeared. After signing with Playboi Carti's Opium imprint, he issued No Stylist, his most sonically adventurous work to date, in 2022.

Bobby Sandimanie III is the son of rapper I-20, who frequently collaborated with Ludacris and was signed to Disturbing tha Peace. The younger Sandimanie regarded Ludacris as an uncle, and went on numerous tours with his father while growing up. He took online classes for middle school, taught himself audio production during his free time, and began uploading music to SoundCloud in 2015. He attended high school and met other rappers such as Nezzus and Texaco Cam, and soon formed connections within the Atlanta rap scene. NezzusDestroyed, an EP with Nezzus, appeared in 2018, and Destroy Lonely released his solo projects Darkhorse, Sometimes U Lose, and Forever, ILY in 2019, in addition to singles such as "Bane." The EP Lord and mixtape Playboi Carti's Opium label. He released No Stylist, featuring a guest appearance by labelmate Ken Carson, in 2022. ~ Paul Simpson, Rovi

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