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We The Kings


About We The Kings

We The Kings’ storied career has been marked by a deep reciprocity between the band and their fans. The band exploded out of Bradenton, Florida in 2007 with the release of their self-titled debut, producing singles like “Check Yes Juliet,” which became one of the most iconic songs of the late ‘00s pop-punk movement. Millions instantly fell in love with their buoyant spirit and emotionally poignant songwriting as they released singles like “Heaven Can Wait,” “We’ll Be A Dream (feat. Demi Lovato),” “Say You Like Me” and “Sad Song.” Vocalist/Guitarist Travis Clark, along with Hunter Thomsen (guitar), Danny Duncan (drums), Charles Trippy (bass) and Coley O’Toole (keyboard, guitar) have quickly learned to adapt in 2020 to now collaborate and make music from home while connecting with their fans in new ways.

On February 5, 2021 the band released ‘SAGA,’ their latest EP and follow-up to the successful 2018 full-length, ‘Six’. With the ongoing distance between members and touring, the band continued to keep their fans and songwriting at the forefront, penning fresh singles for the EP that include “Turn It Up,” “These Nights,” “No 1 Like U,” and “Falling (So In Love).” They’ve pieced together treasured memories of the band’s years in the studio, on the road, and with their friendships on ‘SAGA.' Each song on SAGA revisits a unique time in We The Kings history, and takes the listener to a time and place that was important to the band.

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